Low Height AGV

รหัสสินค้า : ACZ-88-001

Automated Guided Vehicle Double Way Low Height (AGV)

Logistics Mobile Robot


Low Height AGV is low and small which can be easily embedded in bottom of feeder, connected with the feeder some telescopic hooks or pins, and traction feeder walking. Generally, feeders are required to have some speially designed bottom frames, in order to achieve the perfect fit with AGV. Low Height AGV has the advantage of small size, hight degree of intelligence, working with automatic loading and unloading agencies, can achieve full automation feeder unmanned transport, is currently widely used in automotive manufacturing logistics.


  • Load Form : Towing
  • Load Bearing/ Maximum Speed : 2000kg (Maximum speed 60m/min), 3000kg(Maximum speed 30m/min)
  • Speed Range : 5-60m/min (Maximum 60m/min), 3-30m/min(Maximum 30m/min)
  • Size : L1286mm×W350mm×H350mm
  • Climbing : 1°
  • Driving From : Differential Mechanism
  • Driving Direction : Forward,Turning,Backward(Manual)
  • Control Method : Embedded Controller
  • Wireless Communication : 2.4GHZ Built-in module/ Optical communication(Optional)
  • Guidance : Magnetic Stripe
  • Guide Sensor : 16bits magnetic sensor
  • Guide Walking Accuracy : ±10mm
  • Stop Accuracy : ±10-30mm
  • Address Reading : High Frequency RFID
  • Obstacle Avoidance Sensor : Laser Scanning/ Infrared reflection (Optional)
  • Mechanical Collision Protection : Flexible protective bar/ Collapse metal bar(Optional)
  • Power Supply : Lithium Battery (24V 40AH)
  • Vehicle Voltage : 24V DC
  • Charging Method : Contact Online Charging
  • Motor : 24v800w DC brushless servo motor
  • Motor Driver : Server Driver
  • HMI : 5-inch color display

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