Original of Products : Italy

Detail : DEMM was founded more than 50 years ago, on a commitment to custom solutions through high-quality precision instruments and calipers. We are working in a special market, DEMM’s niche it is a sector with high specialization and above all the quality, according with this the raw material that DEMM use is the best one. All of our products are made in our facilities under rigorously supervision programs:
Bore Gauge, Comparison Calipers, Calipers For Grooves, Depth Calipers, Special Calipers, Big Calipers, Digital Dial Calipers For Ins/Out Measurement, Height Gage, Precision Straight Edge, Measure Instruments, Presetting, Gears Instruments



หมวดหมู่สินค้า // Product Categories

Bore Gauge.
Comparison Calipers.
Special calipers.
Big Calipers.
Depth Calipers.
Digital Dial Calipers For Ins/Out Measurement.
Height Gage.
Precision Straight Edge.
Measure instruments. (Concentricity gage system)
Measure instruments. (Measurement table)
Measure instruments.(etc...)
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