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Metrology Products
Data Transmission & Software
Vernier Caliper
Dial Gauge Indicator
Small & Mid size Instrument
Caliper Gauge
Aerosol measurement
Linear Scales
Heigh Gauge
Horizontal Measurement
Depth Measurement
Internal Measurement/Bore Gauge
Gear Measurement
Measuring Probe, Digital Display and modular
Measurement 3D Scan
Sureface Measurement System
Surface plate / Stand
Crane Scale
Optical Measurement
Inclination Measuring System
Rotary measurement
Clamping tools
Inspection & Testing Products
Hardness Tester Machine
Metallographic Machine
Force and Torque Instrument
Rotational Speed Measurements
Process Control Instrument
Rack and Pinion presses
Demagnetizer & Magnetic Field
Eddy Current Test Instrument
Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)
Coating Thickness
Testing Machine
Colorimeter & Gloss Meter
Vibration Tester
X-Ray inspection
Master Calibration & Gauge Products
Calibrator instrument
Universal Length Measuring (ULM)
Calibration and precision angular positioning
Calibration Machine
Torque calibrator instrument
BURSTER calibration instrument
Reference Gauge
Air gauge Measurement
Automation Product
Automation Solution
Automation Guided Vehicle
3D Measurement Solution
Dectection system
Machine Vision-Based Automation
Inspection and testing equipment