เครื่องวัดสามมิติ แบบพกพา รุ่น C-LINE


"TRIMOS" C-Line 3D - เครื่องวัดสามมิติ แบบพกพา (CMM) วัดชิ้นงานรูปทรงต่างๆ ที่ซับซ่อนกันได้หลากหลายมิติ สามารถวัดงานได้ทั้งแกน X axis, Y axis และ Z axis วัดค่าและแสดงผลได้แบบ 3D แบบ Manual ที่สามารถพกพาได้

หมวดหมู่ : Metrology Product 3D Scan Measurement

แบรนด์ : TRIMOS


เครื่องวัด 3 มิติ แบบพกพา รุ่น C-LINE 

The world’s first truly portable Coordinate Measuring Machines designed for the workshop

  • Portable for the maximum of flexibility

  • 3 or 4 axes models

  • High precision using Renishaw TP20 probe

  • Small foot print

  • Fully CNC combined with manual operation

  • Ease of use with Aberlink software

  • 3D complement to the height gage 1D/2D

  • Designed for workshop operation

  • Ethernet or wireless communication

  • Extremely easy to use

Trimos new C-Line is the world’s first truly portable Coordinate Measuring Machines designed for the workshop. This product line is part of the new TRIMOS 3D product group.

Portable: At only 13,5 kg, the C-Line goes with you wherever you need it. No longer are you required to take the part to the CMM, the C-Line can be deployed directly in the manufacturing process.

Easy-to-Use: The C-Line is easy to operate using a portable PC. The concept of this product has been thought for optimal user experience and ease-of-use.

Software: The C-Line is delivered standard with the ControlC software, which allows you to perform many type of measurements: distance, circle, plane, line, point… To take full advantage of the performance of the C4, we advise the optional Aberlink software, 3D software offering the advantage of ease of use. Other measurement software are compatible: PolyWorks, CMM Manager, Verisurf etc.

Models: The C3, entry model of our new portable CMMs, has 3 axes motorized (X, C, Z). It allows basic 3D measurements. This model is not yet marketed. The C4 is the premium model of our new portable CMMs. It has 4 axes motorized. (X, C, Z, P). The C4 allows high performance measurements in 3D.

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