เครื่องวัดสามมิติ แบบพกพา (ARM) รุ่น AT


"TRIMOS" A-Line 3D - เครื่องวัดสามมิติ แบบพกพา (CMM ARM) รุ่น AT สำหรับวัดงานประเภทท่อในรูปแบบต่างๆ โดยใช้ touch probe หรือ laser fork ในการวัดงาน

หมวดหมู่ : Metrology Product 3D Scan Measurement

แบรนด์ : TRIMOS


Tube Measurement I AT 

Tube measurement system with 3D measuring arm and laser fork. The perfect equipment for pipe inspection.

Models : AT-1800, AT-2500, AT-3200, AT-4000, AT-5000

Trimos AT is the perfect equipment for pipe inspection with laser fork and a dedicated software. 
Based on the A5 and A6+ arm design, it is a portable articulated arm ideal for quick and accurate inspection of pipes and any other parts within its range.

The AT is a 6 axis arm available in several sizes, from 1800 mm to 5000 mm. The counter-balance system with a double spring gives the machine an extremely light weight and easy handling. The AT portable arm unit can be placed on the top of the table with a support or just directly on a rigid laminate top surface.  It can be also used with a mobile tripod.

Ideal accessory for the rapid measurement without direct contact with the pipe.

5 forks size are available (mm): 30, 50, 80, 150, 200

The smaller forks feature with a laser pointer to spot small pipes during the measure. Pipes from 2mm to 180mm of diameter can be measured with the use of laser forks, larger diameters can be measured with the touch probe.


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