e-brio² - Brinell optical reader


"ERNST" e-brio² - Optical reader | เครื่องวัดความแข็งบริเนลล์

แบรนด์ : ERNST


The typical error that occurs with traditional Brinell measurement techniques is 0.1mm between operators. With e-brio² the reading is made in a few seconds with a resolution of 0.001 mm, allowing the Brinell number to be quickly obtained without operator interpretation errors.

The e-brio² optical reader is ACCREDIA (ILAC MRA) certifiable.

CISAM-ERNST, owner of the ERNST patent, is the only manufacturer of the calibrated pins and their conversion tables between the generated impression diameter and the Brinell hardness value. ERNST e-brio² is the only Brinell reader that can be equipped with specific software for reading this impression, since the reference tables supplied in each package of plugs can be modified at any time, according to the characteristics of the production material of the calibrated pins themselves.
Loads3000 kgf, 1000 kgf, 750 kgf, 500 kgf, 250 kgf, 187.5 kgf, 125 kgf, 62.5 kgf, 31.25 kgf, 15.625 kgf
Minimum measurable diameter0.7 mm
Overall dimensionsh 170mm Ø 66mm
Working area dimensionsSupport base: Ø 30mm
Selectable functionsBrinell impression reading | Test histogram | Statistics | Certificate printing
ReadingAutomatic | Camera resolution 752 X 480 Pixel
Weight0,750 Kg
Working principleAutomatic Brinell hardness reader
Resolution1 μm optical resolution
Standard scalesHB 30, HB 10, HB 5, HB 2.5
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