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Portable hardness tester


The e-handy portable hardness tester works according to the ESATEST® principle, patented by ERNST, which works by determining hardness by measuring electrical resistance. e-handy measures on extremely small areas (it does not require zero references for measurement) and physically unaccessible points to other hardness testers without sectioning of the workpiece. It measures on already assembled parts and offers a very extensive set of accessories for various applications. The measurement provides further information than just the hardness value. The Load/Hardness curve provides information on surface treatment of the workpiece. e-handy operates in accordance with DIN 50158 and is ACCREDIA certified (and ILAC circuit equivalents). Unique in its kind, it allows the test to be carried out in points that were previously unaccessible with maximum precision and reliability.s

Working principleESATEST® Pat ERNST - by means of electrical resistance
Standard scalesHV, HRC, HRB, HRA, Brinell HB30, ZNmm², HRF
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LoadsReal time continuous progressive application with acquisition of load values and electrical resistance from 1kgf to 10kgf (9.81N to 98.1N)
Norms and certificationsDIN 50158 Esatest principle

ASTM E-18 indirect method on certified test block

ISO 6507 indirect method on certified test block

ISO 6508 indirect method on certified test block

ISO 6506 indirect method on certified test block
Minimum measurable diameter< 5 mm - it is possible to execute tests in small cavities with the use of special penetrators
Working area dimensions2mm x 2mm
Output interfacestablet with micro USB - micro TF slot - WiFi - Bluetooth - gps
Readingtablet display touch-screen 5.9"
LanguagesItalian, English, German, Other languages on request
Load application methodmanual
WeightMechanical unit 670g
Electronic unit 380g
Power supply100 -240 volt
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