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"ERNST" Heavy force portable wireless hardness tester e-dynatest | Rockwell hardness Tester

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Portable hardness tester


Heavy force portable wireless hardness tester e-dynatest is a miniaturized benchtop hardness tester that offers the same accuracy and repeatability as a traditional benchtop tester but in its portable form it allows the measurement of large pieces that are difficult to move. Thanks to the high load used (100kgf) during the measurement, e-dynatest is not affected by the state of the surface and can be easily used, simply by pressing it on the workpiece to be checked.

The e-dynatest portable hardness tester has been designed to avoid influences due to deflection of the test piece. Hardness is measured by calculating the difference in penetration between preload and load and displayed directly on the display. e-dynatest can operate in different positions and is equipped with various support bases, easily interchangeable to adapt to the different shapes of the samples to be measured. In the new version e-dynatest uses a tablet suitable for the industrial environment. The Android application offers the possibility of detecting, managing, sharing, archiving and printing data in a simple and immediate way.

Working principleRockwell
Standard scalesHRC (10-70) | 1HB30 (60-700) | 2HB30 (100-500) | N/mm² (350-2050) | Kg/mm² (40-210)
Loads100 kgf (980 N)
Preload3,45 kgf (33.8 N)
AccuracyHRC 0,3 HB < 1%
Load application methodmanual
Minimum measurable diameter25 mm standard
12 mm with special penetrator shroud
Selectable functionsScales, tollerances, calibration, test load, stats, language, sequence, files, materials, partial average, clock, auto off timer, add notes, barcode scanner, geo-localization
Output interfacesWifi, Bluetooth, micro USB, micro SD slot
ReadingTablet display touch-screen 6"
LanguagesItalian, English, German, Other languages on request
WeightMechanical unit 2050g
Electronic unit 360g
Norms and certificationsDIN 50157 ASTM E-18 indirect method on certified test block
ISO 6506 indirect method on certified test block
ISO 6507 indirect method on certified test block
ISO 6508 indirect method on certified test block
Power supply100 - 240 Volt
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