AT250 - Rockwell hardness Tester


"ERNST" Bench hardness tester AT250 | Rockwell hardness Tester

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Bench hardness tester


Enhanced version of the AT130 model with advanced electronics and the most up-to-date communication systems.
A real innovation in the Rockwell tester testing field, with thousands of units sold throughout the world from the early 70’s, due to its fast test cycle and the ability to test bulky items with the unique clamping system for overhanging pieces and the absolute insensibility to bending and deflection.

Working principleMOD DR: Rockwell
MOD DSR: Superficial Rockwell
Standard scalesMOD DR:
Rockwell: HRA, HRB, HRC, HRD, HRF, HRG
Brinell: HB10 HB30
other scales on request
Rockwell: HR15N, HR30N, HR45N, HR15T, HR30T, HR45T
other scales on request
LoadsMOD DR:
60kgf, 62.5kgf, 100kgf, 125kgf, 150kgf, 187,5kgf
(588N, 613N, 981N, 1226N, 1471N, 1839N)
10kgf, 15kgf, 15.6kgf, 30kgf, 31.2kgf, 45kgf
(98N, 147N, 153N, 294N, 306N, 441N)
PreloadMOD DR: 10kgf (98.1N)
MOD DSR: 3kgf
Load application methodManual
Minimum measurable diameter4mm

(indenter 048 + gruppo 022)
Working area dimensionsSTAND TX:
max. measurable height: 
240mm (400mm w/o elevating srew)
Depth: 225mm
max. measurable height:
Depth: 240mm
Selectable functionsscale selection | load time | minimum thickness | mm/inch | round correction | calibration | language | date/time | tolerances | type of indenter | file | measurement archive | printouts | statistics | icons | conversions | sequence | passw
Output interfacesUSB Printer - USB export on USB drive

RS232 - RS485 - Profibus - Ethernet MODBUS-TCP
 - Bluetooth
ReadingOn colour touch-screen display 800px x 480px
Memory400 files with 2500 storable values for every file
LanguagesItalian, English, German, Other languages on request
Overall dimensionsAT250NX : 30cm x 60cm x h73cm

AT250TX : 30cm x 60cm x h95cm
AT250CAR : 95cm x 33cm x h133cm

AT250MUR : 30cm x 70cm x h110cm
WeightAT250NX : 95kg

AT250TX : 125kg
AT250CAR : 165kg
AT250MUR : 115kg
Norms and certifications

Rockwell - ASTM E-18 - ISO6508

Power supplyAutosetting 100VAC - 240VAC
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