AT130 DR N


"ERNST" Bench hardness tester AT130 DR N | เครื่องวัดความแข็งแบบร็อคเวลล์

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Bench hardness tester


Operating according to the Rockwell principle (ASTM E-18 - ISO6508) the AT130D series, is not influenced by deflections. The reference point for the measurements is the surface of the component itself. Surface preparation is needed only where the indentation takes place. With an easy actuation of the lever, the preload and load are applied. With the return movement, the additional load is removed, and the hardness is calculated. The complete test takes no more than 3 seconds (a few seconds longer for very soft materials).

Working principleMOD DR: Rockwell
Standard scalesMOD DR:
Rockwell: HRA, HRB, HRC, HRD, HRF, HRG
Brinell: HB30
LoadsMOD R:
Rockwell 60kgf (N588.40) - 100kgf (N980.70) - 150kgf (N1471)
Brinell 62.5kgf (N612.90) - 125kgf (N1226) - 187.5kgf (N1839)
PreloadMOD DR: 10kgf (98.1N)
Load timeselectable
Load application methodmanual with automatic preload application
Minimum measurable diameter

6mm Rockwell 


Working area dimensionsSTAND N : max. measurable height: 215 mm / depth: 220mm
Selectable functionsscales, tolerances, calibration
Output interfacesRS232
Readingon display
LanguagesItalian, English, German, Other languages on request
Norms and certifications

Rockwell - ASTM E-18 - ISO6508

Power supply115VAC or 230VAC
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