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"ERNST" COMPUTEST SCX The simple way to measure hardness. Tests from flat to cylindrical surfaces of different types, materials, shapes and dimensions.

แบรนด์ : ERNST


Portable electronic hardness tester

e-computest SCX

COMPUTEST SCX is a portable hardness tester which works with static load according to the Rockwell principle of preload and test load. With one pressure movement, preload (zero-setting is carried out electronically) and test load are activated.

The hardness value is shown on the large backlit display as soon as the hand pressure comes to the end.

COMPUTEST SCX can operate with all kinds of metals, without changing the indenter. Starting a test is very easy: you only need to select the desired scale on the keyboard and to apply the force on the instrument. A minimum surface preparation is needed

Working principleRockwell
Standard scalesHRC (0-70) | HRB (0-120) | HB30 (80-700) | N/mm² (260-2300) | kg/mm² (27-235) | HV (35-1080) | DPTH (0-100)
Test Load5 kgf (49 N)
Preload1.2 kgf (11.8 N)
Memory:Up to 1000 values in 8 files
Selectable functionsScales, tolerances, calibration, language selection, load time, statistics
Output interfacesUSB, RS232
ReadingBacklit LCD 80mmx30mm
WeightMechanical part 670 g
Electronic box 780 g
Power supply100 - 240 Volt
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