Handy Esatest X - Portable hardness Tester


"ERNST" Portable hardness tester Handy Esatest X

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Portable hardness tester I Handy Esatest X

ERNST is officially authorised to provide HANDY ESATEST X

The Portable hardness tester Handy Esatest (DIN 50158) has been designed to solve some still unsolved problems in hardness testing.

The innovative ESATEST® principle patented by Ernst, works based on the hardness determination through electrical resistance and allows to test in difficult and inaccessible points, unobtainable with other hardness testers.

With a simple indentation it is possible to get all values corresponding to the different forces up to the maximum force applied thus allowing getting an indicative evaluation of the heat treatment characteristics. The measurement is not influenced by deflection or bending of the specimen. Handy Esatest X permits hardness testing of all types of metal without changing the penetrator.

Working principlePatent ERNST, measuring of electrical resistance
Standard scalesHV, HRC, HRB, HRA, Brinell HB30, ZNmm², HRF
LoadsProgressive application from 1 kgf to 10 kgf (9.81N to 98.1N)
Output interfacesRS232
ReadingDigital, On graphic LCD display 80 x 30 mm.
Memory1000 Values
Load applicationProgressively, possibility to set the maximum load by keyboard
WeightMechanical part 670 g
Electronic box 780 g
Selectable functions Scales, tolerances, calibration, language selection, test load, etc.
Power supply100 - 230 volt
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