Video Microscope VM-7513


Video microscope is a fixed frame fixed magnification monocular video microscope, using a unique elimination of stray light and large depth of field technology, with clear imaging, strong stereo and long working distance, wide field of view, etc., and high-definition color CCD and monitor or computer matching use.

หมวดหมู่ : Metrology Product Optical measurement Microscope

แบรนด์ : CHOTEN


Video Microscope VM-7513

Brand : CHOTEN


Product Feature :

  • Measurement/photography/video functions, compatible with 256M-32G U disk of various brands.
  • 2 million pixel progressive scan high definition images with excellent color reproduction performance.
  • Images are stored without compression to ensure the best image quality.
  • Convenient mouse interface with powerful OSD menu, exactly the same as operating a computer.
  • HDMI output port, supporting all HDMI displays on the market.
  • Magnification 10~200 times.
  • Precise measurement function, can support line, circle, angle, rectangle and other kinds of measurement.
  • 12 sets of crosshairs horizontally and vertically, very convenient for setting crosshairs and measuring operations.
  • 2 million pixels progressive scan high definition image, excellent color reproduction performance.
  • Automatic saving of all parameter settings.
  • Unique SENSOR dustproof structure design,beautiful overall product shape.


Product Applications :

This product can be used in a wide range of fields, such as microelectronics, molds, powder metallurgy, precision machinery, jewelry, clocks and watches, jewelry, fingerprint identification, ticket identification, printing, fiber optics, cell phone repair, archaeology, biological anatomy, and school demonstration. It is especially suitable for observing the microstructure of the surface of large objects.


Technical Specification :

CommodityVideo Microscope
Microscope Magnification10~200X
Main Objective Lens0.7X-4.5X
Photographic Eyepieces0.5X
Lift Range240mm
Handwheel Focus Range50mm
Center Distance150mm(Standard)
Column Diameter32mm
Data InterfaceVGA/HDMI Interface
Lens InterfaceC/CS Interface
Lens Interface Diameter76mm
Camera ParametersSENSOR  Size1/2.8" Color
Effective Pixel1600H×1200V(2 million image elements )
White BalanceManual White Balance / Auto White Balance
Color ModeColor, Monochrome, Sepia, Negative
Scanning MethodProgressive Scan (electronic rolling shutter)
Exposure ControlAutomatic/Manual
Mirroring FunctionSupport Up and Down, Left and Right Mirroring
Programmable ControlImage Taking, Exposure Time, GAMMA, Contrast, Sharpness, R/G/B Gain,   Color Saturation, Screen Flicker Elimination
OSDSupport English / Simplified Chinese / Traditional Chinese Menu
Parameter Saving FunctionExit menu auto save Can save 5 groups of parameters
Mouse Cursor StyleArrows/Full Screen Crosshairs
Measurement FunctionStraight line length measurement, circle diameter, circumference, area   measurement, rectangle length \ width, circumference,
area measurement, polygon perimeter, area measurement, circle center   distance (circle center to circle center distance) measurement, ellipse   perimeter \ area measurement, circular arc arc, arc length measurement, angle   measurement within the circle, angle measurement, a set of screen scale (can   be arbitrarily moved position and set the scale)
Storage FunctionCan set the file name to store the date, and save the marking line,   measurement graph, marker, scale with the picture
Marking Line12 sets of crosshairs with arbitrary mouse-moveable position and menu   fine-tuning. 3 sets of circle markers with arbitrary mouse-moveable position   and menu fine-tuning. One group of circle scale (360°/1 group) Two angle   lines 0 to 180 ° adjustable, step: 0.1 ° can set 6 colors
Total Height of Bracket240mm
Base Size320x260x16mm
Auxiliary Objective0.5X、2X(Selection)
OptionalUniversal Bracket
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