HD Video Measuring Microscope VM-457


Incoming inspection, production inspection, material research, PCB and SMT inspection analysis, printing, textile inspection and other fields.

หมวดหมู่ : Metrology Product Optical measurement Microscope

แบรนด์ : CHOTEN


HD Video Measuring Microscope VM-457

Brand : CHOTEN


Product Feature :

  • Sample and generous design, easy to use.
  • HDMI camera and clear image, by USB or SD card storage pictures and video.
  • 0.7~4.5X Horizontal continuous zoom lens, easy change the objective lens and save your time.


Technical Specification :

Product NameHD Video Measuring Microscope VM-457
Electronic Magnification33.47~215.19X( HDMI 16:9 21.5''monitor)
Optical Objective0.7X~4.5X zoom Lens
Magnification ratio:6.5:1
1X C-mount Camera Adapter
Camera Parameters2 Mega pixel (1920*1080)
Target size: 1/3inch
Number of frames:30fps
Camera FunctionManual Focus
Cross Line
Take picture and video
White Balance; Brightness Control; Digital Noise Reduction
Light SystemSurface light: Adjustable LED Surface Iight
Ring Fiber source (option)
Microscope StandZ-axis Travel: 480mm
Coarse adjustment
Electrical ParametersAC90~240V;50~60HZ
Weight≈12KG (without monitor)
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