Mechanical hand-tachometer


The mechanical hand-Tachometers htm are designed to accurately measure RPM and surface speed on a wide range of applications.

แบรนด์ : RheinTacho


Mechanical hand-tachometer



Product Feature :

  • NO BATTERIES required!
  • Rubber shell on housing provides extra protection and improved grip.
  • Over-sized 3" Dial (70 mm) uses 2 separate color scales making reading RPM (black) and Surface Speed (red)  ... quick and easy.
  • Accuracy of ± 0.5% Full Scale.
  • 3-Position Range Selector Switch provides highest possible resolution for each application.
  • Memory button holds pointer in "last" position until reset.


Technical shot data :

Measuring range10 ... 50,000 RPM
Measuring range1 ... 5,000 m/min
Measuring range5 ... 25,000 ft/min
Measuring accuracy±0.5 % of measuring range full scale value
MaterialABS plastic


Scope of delivery :

A3-3100 / A3-3500A3-3110 / A3-3510
Mechanical hand-tachometer htm-100M / htm-500MMechanical hand-Tachometer htm-100F / htm-500F
Wheel 0,1 mWheel 6"
Measuring tipMeasuring tip
Measuring funnelMeasuring funnel
Extension shaftExtension shaft
Operating instructionsOperating instructions

Catalogue :

 Brochure Mechanical


Video :



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