Manual Coordinate Measuring Machine

แบรนด์ : CHOTEN


EM-series manual


Product Feature :

  • All core components and software are originally imported.
  • Guideways are made of high-precision natural granite, which have the same temperature characteristics and rigidity.
  • Guideway X, Y and Z are surrounded by air floating blocks to ensure the linearity of motion.
  • High-precision self-cleaning air bearing is used for the permanently wear-resistant guideways of all the three axes for more steady operation.
  • Open metallic optical scale with coefficient of thermal expansion closer to granite matrix improves the stability of the machine.
  • With three-axis pneumatic locking, all the three axes are provided with a micro-feed structure that combines the convenience of manual operation with the accuracy of automatic operation.
  • Guideway X and Y are vertically installed rectangular guideways that provide the maximum bending strength.


Specifications :

X,Y,Z travel (mm)500x600x400700x800x500700x1000x500700x1200x500700x1500x500
Useable table size (mm)1020x690 1220x890 1420x90 1620x8902120x890
Weight (kg)58080091011001400
Worktable max load (Kg)300500500500500
 Scale resolution1 µm
Probe uncertainty (MPEE) µm3.53.8
Measuring SystemMeasuring System3.5+ L/250
Working temperature 15- 30℃
 Air supply Pressure 4-10 bar, 120NI/min
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