Global 400mp Series Multi-Port Torque Controller System


The Global 400mp is a wireless error-proofing system that integrates hand tools into your MES. The Global 400mp has four (4) network connections house in one box. These network connections, or interfaces, communicate with up to four operators working independently.

แบรนด์ : SR-Torque


Global 400mp Multi-Port Torque Controller System

Brand : SR Torque (USA made)

The mp Takes You To The
Next Level:

The Global 400mp distributes all the power, flexibility, ease and capabilities of the Global 400 over four (4) individual network interfaces. The result? Up to four (4) operators can work independently and don’t even have to be in the same work cell. Four separate network interfaces and Global 400mp architecture eliminate the need for groups in order to support simultaneous work. Parameters are formed directly into jobs. With 4 network interfaces each operator can work on their own job, independent of the other operators. The Global 400mp can be applied to assembly, repair, and
maintenance operations. The Global 400mp works with up to 16 torque tools, 8 holding tools and 8 I/O tools divided among the 4 network interfaces.


System Capabilities:

  • Six inch diagonal, back-lit, color LCD display.
  • 2-RJ-45 Ethernet ports allow for chain, or ring network communication.
  • USB-A connector for use with bar code scanner, or updating firmware, and saving files.
  • RS-232 D-Sub9 connector for use with serial bar code scanner or serial printer.
  • Ten pin I/O connector providing discreet I/O capabilities.
  • Five pin connector for the additional I/O capabilities of the optional GIM400.
  • Power Supply 100-240 VAC at 50-60 Hz.
  • Key switch for programming access. 21-function keys for programming.
  • Adjustable and programmable beeper for audio communication.
  • Order Part No. 10474 cable for 10 pin I/O


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