HT Series


Holding Tool Technology Wrenches

แบรนด์ : SR-Torque


HT Series

Holding Tool Technology Wrenches

Brand : SR Torque (USA made)



Stop Hydraulic Leaks Before They Start

Engineers with hydraulic assemblies immediately recognize the value this tool brings to their assembly quality.

Simple Solution to a Complex Problem

Applications involving hydraulic hoses, and or, hydraulic connections, require a counter torque reaction tool. When these tools are not used hoses can be twisted and or, connectors can be misaligned, creating rework or increased warranty costs.

The SR solution is to ensure both torque wrench and back up tool are used during the fastening operation. At the P-Set level, holding (back-up) tools are paired to the primary torque wrench. The back-up tool must be engaged prior to, during, and after the torque tool is used.

No Drips, No Runs, No Errors!
Using thrust force to activate the holding (back-up) wrench is similar to using a screwdriver. This helps focus the operator to hold the hose or the connector in a static position while the torque wrench applies the torque.

Part No.ModelWeightLength
810673HTS 13”1.9 lbs. / .86 kg13” / 33.02 cm
810674HTL 20”4.9 lbs. / 2.22 kg20” / 50.8 cm

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