The GIM 400 is part of the error proofing power duo from Sturtevant Richmont. Designed to work with the Global 400 and the Global 400mp, the GIM 400 provides error proofing by guidance and error proofing by behavior modification.

แบรนด์ : SR-Torque



Global Input/Output Multiplier

Brand : SR Torque (USA made)


The GIM400 is a very flexible accessory for the Global 400 and Global 400mp. It is virtually a Windows-based PLC that can be configured using the Global Manager Freeware that is included with every controller. It can be configured to provide 24 VDC to power the 16 I/O. By adding an additional 3 GIM400 a total of 64 I/O is possible.

A single GIM 400 can also be configured to connect with a PLC in a binary fashion, providing up to 100 I/O.

A serial bus cable along with all the appropriate Phoenix connectors are provided with the GIM400.

Compatible with the Global 400 (Part No. 10497) and Global 400mp (Part No. 10612).

Order the GIM400 using part number 10611.



Global Bar Code Scanner Manager

The GSM400 is a perfect accessory to the Global 400mp. Powered off the USB port (on the side of the Global 400mp) it allows connection for up to four (4) serial barcode scanners. Each scanner can be assigned to a network interface and the GSM keeps the scanner and interface paired.
Compatible with the Global 400mp (Part No. 10612).
Order the GSM400 using part number 10613.


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