PST 1200 & PST 2000


Pressure Sensor Transceivers

แบรนด์ : SR-Torque


PST 1200 & PST 2000

Pressure Sensor Transceivers

Brand : SR Torque (USA made)


There are a variety of pneumatic torque controlled tools that accommodate high speed assembly. The very nature
of high speed assembly creates opportunities for errors. Operators moving too fast can miss tightening some fasteners, attempt to tighten previously tightened fasteners, crossthread, or release the trigger before final torque is achieved.

The PST, in conjunction with the Global controller can:

  • Batch count to ensure all fasteners achieved target torque.
  • Identify previously tightened fasteners that are attempted again.
  • Be set to identify cross threaded fasteners at installation.
  • Identify premature “clutch out” when the operator releases the tool trigger or lever prior to target torque.

The PST Series works with most trigger or lever activated, ported torque sensing power tools. Whether a continuous drive, or shut-off pulse tool, the PST monitors air pressure in the motor compartment while applying
timers to the various stages of the “run down.” This algorithm is created during the auto-cal process and is
used to validate or reject all fastenings performed by that tool.

The PST Pressure Sensor Transceivers will provide a more robust assembly process from your pneumatic tools.

For more information contact the factory worldwide: +1.847.455.8677 (between 0730 and 1600 CST) or go to pst-series-pneumatic-transceiversensors/


Part No.ModelDescription
10514PST 1200 BATTPST 1200 Pressure Sensor Transceiver Battery Power
10515PST 1200 HardwiredPST 1200 Pressure Sensor Transceiver Hardwired
10499PST 2000 BATTPST 2000 Pressure Sensor Transceiver Battery Power
10498PST 2000 HardwiredPST 2000 Pressure Sensor Transceiver Hardwired
21689PST Power Extension Cable (10 meters)

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