DTC Series - Interchangeable Head Digital Torque and Angle Wrench


Interchangeable Head Digital Torque and Angle Wrench

แบรนด์ : SR-Torque



Interchangeable Head Digital Torque and Angle Wrench

Brand : SR Torque (USA made)


  • Meets/exceeds ASME B107.300-2010 and ISO 6789 requirements.
  • Bi-directional +/- 2% Indicated Value from 20% to 100% of tool capacity.
  • All torque and angle settings can be set using buttons on wrench or DTC Connect Freeware.
  • Built around our traditional pin/spring Dovetail you have access to over 200 interchangeable heads.
  • SDRT head included with wrench.
  • Head length is adjustable via keypad. Uses 1 7/16” (36.5 mm) or 3 7/8” (98.4 mm) and maintains common centerline.
  • Visible from any angle, light bands on both sides of the wrench turn yellow, then green, the wrench beeps, and the handle vibrates when target torque is achieved.
  • Three AAA batteries included with wrench. Works with rechargeable NiMH, Lithium Ion, or alkaline batteries.
  • Target, minimum, and maximum torque entered via wrench keypad or DTC Connect Freeware.
  • Lockable settings (and presets), via 4-digit password.
  • Torque units:,, Nm, cNm, cmkg, mkg.
  • 99 presets, numbered 01-99, optionally named via serial command with up to 16-character names.
  • Results log large enough for even the busiest assemblies. Download results in csv. format via mini-USB port.
  • New, smaller profile fits in more places with light-weight, rugged design.
Part No.ModelTorque CapacityOverall LengthWeight without headIncluded Head
10680DTC 410-50 in lb / 1.12-5.6 Nm13.88 in1.04 lb1/4” SDRT
10685DTC 512-60 in lb/1.35 - 6.77 Nm13.881.041/4” SDRT
10681DTC 2560-300 in lb / 6.78-33.9 Nm14.88 in1.14 lb3/8” SDRT
10682DTC 75180-900 in lb / 20.34-101.7 Nm16.5 in1.29 lb3/8” SDRT
10686DTC 80192-960 in lb/21.69 - 108.46 Nm16.5 in1.293/8” SDRT
10683DTC 150360-1800 in lb / 40.6-203 Nm19.75 in1.55 lb1/2” SDRT
10684DTC 250600-3000 in lb / 67.78-338.9 Nm27.68 in2.18 lb1/2” SDRT

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