AutoScan-T22 3D System

AutoScan-T22 3D System



AutoScan-T22 3D System

AutoScan-T22 automated 3D inspection system takes scanning speed and numerous data-processing to the next level.

With high accuracy and strong reliability, automated 3D system greatly simplifies workflows and optimizes production cycle


Working with industrial robot for intelligent online quality control inspection, AutoScan-T22 achieves no human intervention

and automatically completes batch inspection, avoiding the mistakes made by human factors and generating easy-to

understand inspection reports.


Based on different work environments, AutoScan-T22 can be equipped with various 3D scanning devices. Such versatile 3D

solutions provide a technical support for automated 3D measurement at medium-large size workpieces.





Application - Inspection

  • Automated inspection on production floors
  • High productivity: inspection of more than hundreds of objects per day
  • Multitasks: simultaneously perform data collec-tion & analysis
  • Quality control inspections
  • CAD contrast detection







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