NEW!! Computest Lite - Rockwell hardness tester

New-Computest LITE

NEW - Portable wireless hardness tester

Computest Lite

Brand: ERNST (ITALY Made)

Cisam-Ernst is pleased to introduce the new Computest-Lite hardness tester, a portable Rockwell 5 kg load hardness tester.

Computest-Lite has been designed to offer maximum versatility in testing: it can easily measure in every direction, it is immediately ready to use thanks to the possibility to test the whole range of metals without replacing the indenter and it allows to measure extremely thin layers (up to <0.1mm).

The test is immediate and is displayed directly on board on a color display. The ergonomics and the low weight (730g) guarantee easy handling and consequently measurement accuracy.

Computest-Lite can be calibrated in accordance to National certification bodies according to DIN 50157 with direct method.

Computest-Lite is the quality answer to an essential need.


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