MTR-X - Vickers hardness Tester


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Bench hardness tester


The bench hardness tester MTR X operates according to the ESATEST® principle of hardness determination through the measurement of electrical resistance (ERNST patented). The MTR X hardness tester has been designed to solve some of the still unsolved issues in the field of hardness control. Its test principle allows the user to perform measurements in difficult or inaccessible points internal surfaces and gear teeth.

Ernst is officially authorised to provide Esatest® MTR X with an ACCREDIA (UKAS equivalent) calibration certificate, in accordance with DIN 50158-2.

Working principleErnst patent for electrical resistance measurement (DIN 50158)
Standard scalesHV - HRC - HRB - HB30 - N/mm² - HRF - HRD
LoadsMOD. A: 1kgf - 10 kgf
MOD. B: 0,5kgf - 10kgf
MOD. C: 0,2kgf - 2kgf
Load timethe time of the test cycle depends on the selected load (max 12sec)
Load application methodautomatic
acquisition of load and resistance values in real time
Minimum measurable diameter2mm exterior / 12 mm interior
Working area dimensions2mm x 2mm
Selectable functionscalibration - hardness measurement - test load - test specimen -hardness scale - materials - rod type - diamond type - language - comments - tolerances - file management - printing - statistics - hardness curve - overlapping curves - function block
Output interfacesUSB - internal Ethernet
Readingon display 8.4" touch-screen (800 px x 600 px)
MemoryOver 100 GB to memorize hardness values
LanguagesItalian, English, German, Other languages on request
Overall dimensions40cm x 50cm x 30cm 
Weight20 kg
Norms and certifications

DIN 50158

Power supply240VAC - 50/60Hz
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