ERGOTEST DIGI – Digital Hardness Tester (DIGI 25 R)


เครื่องวัดความแข็งแบบร็อคเวลล์ รุ่น ERGOTEST DIGI 25 R (ยี่ห้อ Galileo จากประเทศอิตาลี) DIGI 25 R digital hardness tester for performs standard Rockwell tests

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Digital hardness tester I DIGI 25 RS

Ergotest DIGI: the state-of-the-art range of Galileo hardness testers. Recently renovated and updated with a more sophisticated software which controls all the instrument functions and the complete measuring process.

The operative interface is simplified thanks to the colour touch screen panel while the load selection is effected by means of a handy-placed knob on the right side of the machine.

The test is carried out automatically when a signal confirms that the pre-load has been applied correctly.

The software also allows to send data to the other peripherals either via USB port or configuring the LAN connection.

Working principleRockwell

For standard Rockwell tests
with loads

150 kgf - 100 kgf - 60 kgf
For superficial Rockwell tests
with loads
Not Applicabile 
For Brinell indentations with loads*250 kgf - 187.5 kgf - 100 kgf - 62.5 kgf
For Vickers indentations with loads*

100 kgf - 60 kgf 

  • Colour touch screen LCD provided with alphanumerical readout and practical, quick and ease-of-use graphics
  • 0.1 Rockwell Resolution
  • Selectable load dwell time
  • Software guide to the correct configuration in the various scales
  • Results can be verified and compared with standard values
  • Possibility to save/retrieve test batches on external devices such as USB key and/or LAN company networks
  • Possibility to enter nominal values and tolerances


  • Software for the calculation of statistical parameters, such as average value, standard deviation, max. and min. values and number of measurements
    with indication of out-of-tolerance alues, date, time, work piece No., batch No., histogram of the effected
    tests, line chart with indication of the test trend
  • Data convertible into text or Excel formats
  • Automatic software updates via USB key


Automatic conversion of the  values measured in the various hardness scales: Rockwell, Brinell, Knoop, Vickers as well as tensile strength according to either “Galileo conversion tables”, ISO 18265 or ASTM E140 standards


“Go-no go” functionStandard
Automatic test cycle
with electronic process control
Load dwelling time 1-99 s selectable by keyboardStandard
Maximum height of the workpiece

295  mm

Throat depth

220 mm

Automatic pre-load selection10 kgf
Self diagnosis programStandard
USB portStandard
LAN connectionStandard
Load selection by knobStandard
Net Weight150 kg 
Overall Dimensions (WxDxH)230 x 615 x 930 mm
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