Ultra Light caliper ULH4


Ultra-light, large universal instrument with integrated Bluetooth® system

แบรนด์ : SYLVAC


Ultra Light caliper ULH4

Brand : SYLVAC (swiss made )

  • Ultra-light, large universal instrument with integrated Bluetooth® system.
  • Frame made of special aluminium profile reinforced with 4 stainless steel guide rods.
  • New XXL display unit with digits 20 mm high.
  • Three buttons, including the central button with selectable favourite function.
  • Measuring force control device.
  • Supplied with interchangeable measuring keys with hard metal pins Ø 8 x 80 mm.
  • Numerous other measuring keys available as options.
  • Lever-lockable movable left jaw.
  • Additional data output Proximity.
  • Measuring range 400 to 3000 mm.
  • Protection class IP67.



811-8040811-8060811-8100 811-8150811-8200811-8250811-8300
Model                          mm400600 10001500200025003000
Max.Error                   µm30405090120150200
Repeatability           µm2030
Resolution                 mm0.01
A                                  mm26-480 26-685 26-109526-161026-212526-264026-3155
C                                  mm10-46410-66910-107910-159410-210910-262410-3139
B                                  mm796100114111926244129563471
Measuring Force      N7.5 - 11.5 (+/-20%)
Output dataBluetooth® wireless technology* / RS232 / USB
IP67 Protection
Preset max.+9999.99 mm / +/-399.9995 IN
Weight                         kg1.
Setting by PC
2 references
Min/Max function
Tolerance limit indicators


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