NEW!! SYLVAC Digital indicator CBG

NEW!! SYLVAC Digital indicator CBG

Discover our new digital indicator S_Dial Work CBG Smart for cylinder bore gauge measurement and our new S_Dial Mini range with a new design, 

more performance and connected.

For increased simplicity of use and more performance in 2-point cylinder bore gauge measurement,Sylvac,experts in connected metrology,launches its new S_Dial WORK CBG

Your advantages :

  • Preset in the ring gauge by pressing the new button «PRESET MASTER» on the top right.
  • Bore gauge value (minimum diameter) is automatically displayed when the reversal point is reached.
  • Data transmission easy and safe thanks to Bluetooth® or cable connection.
  • Data management (monitoring, saving, export) thanks to our Sylcom and Vmux software.
  • Display of tolerances.
  • 4 Preset memories.
  • Simplicity and Efficiency.
  • The same CGB dial gauge can be used with different bore gauges.

Sylvac mini dial gauges range gets a face-lift for more performance and increased ease of use in the «IoT ready» world, all

this in a reduced dial diameter of only 45mm.

The main improvements are :

  • New design and larger display for better reading
  • «Smart» version with wireless Bluetooth® technology (with 3 profiles Simple, Paired or HID)
  • Analog scale on «Smart» models
  • Standard execution IP54 and Protected execution IP67
  • Range of 12.5mm for the whole range for easier selection.
  • Improved and stronger construction

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