IMAGE3 SERIES Image Measuring Instrument

IMAGE3 SERIES Image Measuring Instrument

Vision Measurement Systems IMAGE 3 SERIES Image Size Measurement FastㆍPreciseㆍSimple

Test 50 sizes within 1 second, eliminating human error, anyone can get the same measurement results, one-key measurement, one-key output report

Product Introduction 

Quick measurement :  The product within the field of view can be measured with one click.

Easy to use :  The system operation interface is simple and easy to understand. Anyone can obtain accurate detection results by simply clicking the button on the screen.

Automatic management of measurement results :  When the measurement is completed, the measurement result is automatically saved, and the test report can be generated with one click of a button.


Product Advantage

Quick measurement 



Accurate measurement 


Easy to use



Application Fields : 

It is very suitable for measuring distance, radius, angle, radian and other dimensions. Suitable for industries such as electronics, mechanical processing, hardware, plastic processing, and automobiles. Common workpieces include stamped and molded parts, injection molded parts, or laser cut parts.


IMAGE3 series Image Measuring Instrument  Parameter


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