Eagle3000 - Automatic Brinell hardness Tester


"ERNST" EAGLE3000 - Automatic hardness tester | Brinell hardness Tester

Brand : ERNST


Brinell hardness tester


EAGLE 3000 performs hardness testing with loads from N 306.5 to N 29420 (31.25 to 3000 kgf ) according to DIN EN ISO 6506, ASTM E10 for the Brinell test and allows the selection of test loads in a simple and immediate way; during each test the operator can return to the process at any time, either to continue the series of measurements, either to do a specific test or to start a new series. EAGLE 3000 can send data at any time to a printer or via the network. The image of each impression can be stored allowing immediate control of the measurement even long after the protocol has been issued or the data has been distributed over the network. 

EAGLE 3000 has been designed to allow maintenance and/or repair operations with extreme speed and simplicity. The high precision of the 45° automatic revolver system for the rotation of the lens-penetrator group guarantees the exact positioning of the lens on the impression and the consequent positioning of the image on the monitor.

EAGLE 3000 is equipped with an industrial PC integrated with Windows platform; it has a USB camera of 3 mega pixels. The software allows the fully automatic measurement of all impressions, leaving the operator the freedom to perform the measurement manually.

Working principleBrinell
Loads31,25kgf (306.5N), 62,5kgf (612.9N), 125kgf (1226N), 187,5kgf (1839N), 250kgf (2452N), 500kgf (4903N), 750kgf (7355N), 1000kgf (9817N), 3000kgf (2942N)
Load timeselectable from 3 to 30 sec.
Load application methodelectric motor in closed control circuit with dynamometric cell
Optics0.7x and 3x lenses
Overall dimensionsH 2046mm W 1303mm (with extended monitor) L 752mm
Working area dimensionsH max 1.200 mm
H max with elevating screw 600 mm
H max with intermediate table w/o elevating screw 800 mm
Outreach 300 mm
Output interfacesUSB 2.0, ETHERNET
LanguagesItalian, English, German, Other languages on request
Norms and certifications

DIN EN ISO 6506, ASTM E 10

Power supply230 V, 50 Hz (220 VA)
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