Robot-supported automatic measurement - DIATEST


DIATEST (Germany made) Robot-based 100 % measuring of bores, chamfers, thread depths and plain depths.



Automated measurement and complex measurment solutions

Robot-supported automatic measurement

Automated measuring cell – 100 % process integrated measurement

Fast – safe - complete

Robot-based 100 % measuring of bores, chamfers, thread depths and plain depths. Measurements can either be integrated into production process or carried out separately. The extremely fast measuring cycle measures twenty-four-seven and provides 100 % measured values.


Different measuring tasks:

  • Autonomous measuring of bores, chamfers and plain depths with just one single measuring cell

Reliable data connection and back-up:

  • Any time precise and complete measured data by means of automatic wireless transfer

Big Data:

  • Improvement of manufacturing processes by automated or manual data evaluation

Controlling of 2 worlds:

  • The DIA-Gauge Software controls all measuring processes and robots

Many measuring processes:

  • Standardized and storable measuring processes for different applications

Further benefits:

  • Automatic storage system for measuring instruments
  • Calibration bar for automatic calibration
  • Easy changeover
  • Scalability
  • Quick integration into processes
  • The fast measuring cycle saves valuable time in a process
  • Safety through 100 % measurement of all attributes
  • Establishment of a DIAWIRELESS real radio network: Comprehensive data evaluation by transfer of 100 % measured values
  • 100 % measured values ensure best production control


Video : Two robots measure bores and thread depths simultaneously in the DIATEST measuring cell.


Video : DIATEST - Automated Inprocess Measurement

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