EcoTach Tachometer


The EchoTach is a durable, hand-held non contact optical tachometer for checking rotational speeds quickly and accurately.

Brand : RheinTacho


EcoTach Tachometer

Model : A5-1500

  Brand : Rhein Tacho (Made in Germany)

The EchoTach is a durable, hand-held non contact optical tachometer for checking rotational speeds quickly and accurately.

The ecotach measuring principle. 

The red LED measurement beam is reflected by a reflection mark fixed on the equipment to be measured. The device is very resistant to extraneous light, thanks to the use of an extremely bright LED and matching optical system.

Safe and non-contacting measurement. 

With ecotach, you do not come into contact with moving parts! Measurement is by means of a red light beam, which creates a clearly detectable light point on the object to be measured.

Easy and convenient measurement. 

Attach the reflective tape, press the measuring key and read off the result. ecotach can cover a wide area (large angle, distance up to 450 mm), for convenient measuring even of inaccessible objects.

Reliable and accurate measurement. 

Ecotach can be applied anywhere, whether indoors or out. The strong light beam and the brilliant measurement point are clearly visible whatever the light conditions, and are 100% readable by the instrument.

You have an instrument which is easy on your batteries. 

The large digital display makes the measurement easy to read. Any measurement is stored for 30 seconds, giving you enough time to note it down. Then ecotach shuts down automatically – sparing your batteries.

You have a durable instrument. 

Everything about your ecotach is ‘Made in Germany’. The whole instrument is designed to give you many years of reliable and accurate measurement readings.

You have a manageable, light-weight instrument. 

With a total weight of only 145 g (incl. batteries), the light-weight ecotach is comfortable to carry in your hand or pocket. And is always easy to see, thanks to its distinctive appearance.

EcoTach Tachometer

Technical data

General parameters
± 0.02% of the measurement reading or ± 1 digit
Measuring range:1 ... 60.000 rpm
Measurement distance:Max. 450 mm / max 18 in
LCD:Measurement reading to five decimal places (floating decimal point), measurement size, trigger signal, warning when battery/accumulator is running low
Automatic shut down:Shuts down automatically 30 seconds after last use
Operating data
Battery type:2 x AA batteries
Operational life:≥ 40 hours
Operating temperature:0 ... +50°C / 0… +122 F
Dimensions:145 x 60 x 28 mm / 5.71 x 2.36 x 1.10 in
Weight:147g (incl. batteries)


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