Brand : SR-Torque



Brand : SR Torque (USA made)


Programmable Torque
Verifier Ethernet

In 1999 we helped build the wireless error proofing industry on the back of the I/O driven TCV Controller. It was one box and one tool. Driven by a PLC, the TCV was great for controlling a process and verifying that the work was done.
The TCV was fast and it was simple. It worked with a click wrench and there was no reporting. For many applications that was the perfect approach. Fast-forward twenty years and we are expanding the TCV by introducing the TCV e2. (TCV Ethernet 2) The Ethernet connection gives you an MES connection capability. The level of sophistication is exponentially expanded. The TCV e2 doesn’t sacrifice a bit of the speed by working with our new TAC, the Digital Torque and Angle click wrench. It also works with our SLTC FM 2.4 GHz click wrench. All the production speed is retained. And two operators can work simultaneously. Using the new digital torque and angle wrench, the TCV e2
captures the date and time stamped, exact torque and angle values for each fastening. You get all the data you want without sacrificing one millisecond of takt time. Reporting tells you where the wrench clicked and where the operator stopped pulling. This is actionable data that you can use for training. If you have an indexing line, and torque control matters, you need the TCV e2 and the radio equipped tools.


Key TCV e2 Features:

  • Two independent channels so two operators work independently.
  • Functions with the new TAC digital torque and angle click wrench as well as the legendary SLTC FM 2.4 GHz click wrench.
  • I/O, network, or bar code driven.
  • Functions with 2 bar code readers.
  • Protocols: EtherNet IP, Open Protocol, ToolsNet, Profinet,PFCS, Toyota.
  • Learn in up to 10 tools.
  • Comes with 2 separate 24 VDC I/O ports. Why pay extra for this?
  • Complete interface with SR Global Manager software for setting parameters, etc.
  • Reports into Global Host or ToolsNet.



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