SD Series - Square Drive Micrometer Adjustable


Knurl Grip SD Series Micrometer Adjustable Click Wrench All the accuracy, reliability, and durability you need with a fixed square drive head so you can quickly change sockets and get the job done right.

Brand : SR-Torque



Square Drive Micrometer Adjustable

Brand : SR Torque (USA made)


This is the SDR wrench with a fixed square drive rather than a ratchet.

  • Accuracy of +/- 4% Indicated Value (from 20% to 100% of capacity) meets or exceeds ASME B107.300 - 2010, ISO 6789, and AS 28431.

SD Fixed Male Square Drive Head Series - English

Part No.ModelTorque CapacitySteps of
A (in.)B (in.)C (in.)D (in.)Weight
8691602 SD 50 I MG10 in lb-50 In lb1 in lb1/4"10 11⁄1659⁄6455⁄6415⁄161.0
8691612 SD 150 I MG30 in lb-150 in lb2 in lb1/4"10 43⁄6459⁄6455⁄6415⁄161.0
8691593 SD 200 I MG40 in lb-200 in lb2 in lb3/8"10 37⁄6459⁄641 1⁄3215⁄161.0
8691633 SD 750 I MG150 in lb-750 In lb5 in lb3/8"14 1⁄415⁄161 9⁄6415⁄161.1
8691674 SD 150 MG30 ft lb-150 ft lb1 ft lb1/2"17 23⁄3215⁄161 15⁄6415⁄162.0
810600*6 SD 600100 ft lb-600 ft lb5 ft lb3/4"35 25⁄641 1⁄21 29⁄6428.8

Part No.ModelTorque CapacitySteps of
A (cm)B (cm)C (cm)D (cm)Weight
810601*6 SD 800 Nm150 Nm-800Nm5 Nm3/4”

Carry and Storage Cases

Strong, durable cases for carrying and storing your SR brand micrometer adjustable torque wrenches. Fits SDR, SD, and CCM series tools.

Part No.SizeTypeWrench Range
820122SmallMolded Plastic50I-200I, 6 Nm-20 Nm
820123MediumMolded Plastic600I-150 ft. lbs., 50 Nm-200 Nm
820124LargeMolded Plastic250 ft. lbs., 300 Nm
820170Extra LargeMolded Plastic600-700 ft. lbs., 800 Nm

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