BLT Series - Bidirectional Preset Click Wrenches


The back bone of the assembly industry, the Sturtevant Richmont Preset click wrench now clicks in both directions. You get the same accuracy, the legendary repeatability, and the durability for which Sturtevant Richmont products are known. With the distinctive blue rubber grip and the easy to read laser marking on the case, the BLT is easy to differentiate from our LTC preset click wrenches. The BLT shares the very same interchangeable heads with the LTC wrenches. Want to learn more? This is your page.

Brand : SR-Torque



Bidirectional Interchangeable Head Preset

Brand : SR Torque (USA made)


Bi-directional preset interchangeable head torque wrenches are ideal for applications where:

  • The fastener or fitting to be tightened cannot readily be engaged with a socket.
  • Very high durability is important.

These needs are common in assembly and standardized field maintenance operations, and the BLT-Series tools are superb for these types of applications.

  • SR Dovetail Head connects to over 200 SR Interchangeable Heads. All of our interchangeable heads fit on all of our dovetail wrenches, meaning you don’t have to buy multiple wrenches and heads in the same torque range to cover all fastener sizes.
  • BLT-Series torque wrenches have CW +/- 4% Indicated Value Accuracy and CCW +/- 6% Indicated Value Accuracy from 20% to 100% of capacity, meeting or exceeding the requirements of ASME B107.300-2010 and ISO 6789.
  • Error Proofing By Behavior Modification: excellent tactile and audible pulse when the preset torque is achieved.
  • Error Proofing By Design: the flattened case prevents side-loading and ensures greater accuracy and durability.
  • Comfortable cushion grip plus light-weight for excellent ergonomics.
  • The torque is preset and locked in with a special CART tool.
  • Torque can be set using any unit of measurement.
  • Can be ordered preset from factory or you can set the torque with your own torque tester.
  • All of our tools provide torque measurement in the clockwise direction. The BLT preset click wrench measures torque in both clockwise and counter clockwise directions.
  • LTC 300 | OHT features smaller dimensions for access in tighter spaces.
Part No.ModelTorque CapacityA (in.)B (in.)C (in.)D (in.)Weight
874100BLT 50 I10 in lb-50 in lb / 1.2 Nm-6 Nm8 27⁄323⁄417⁄3215⁄160.8
874011BLT 150 I30 in lb-150 in lb / 3.4 Nm-17 Nm8 27⁄323⁄417⁄3215⁄160.8
874016BLT 300 I60 in lb-300 in lb / 6.8 Nm-34 Nm8 27⁄323⁄417⁄3215⁄160.8
874574BLT 300 I OHT150 in lb-300 in lb / 6.8 Nm-34 Nm8 27⁄323⁄417⁄3215⁄160.8
874013BLT 750 I150 in lb -750 in lb / 17 Nm-85 Nm12 21⁄32117⁄3215⁄161.0
874014BLT 1800 I360 in lb-1800 in lb / 40.8 Nm-204 Nm16 3⁄321 1⁄417⁄3215⁄161.3
874054BLT 1800 I ERGO360 in lb-1800 in lb / 40.8 Nm-204 Nm20 15⁄321 1⁄417⁄3215⁄165.5
874334BLT 3600 I *720 in lb-3600 in lb / 81.4 Nm-407 Nm24 21⁄641 3⁄443⁄6425.5
874137BLT 4800 I *960 in lb-4800 in lb / 108.4 Nm-542 Nm34 21⁄641 3⁄443⁄6428.3

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