Digital Indicator Special Version for Cylindrical Bore Gauge.


"SYLVAC" Digital indicator S_Dial WORK CBG I Range 12.5 mm I Bluetooth


Brand : SYLVAC


Digital Indicator S_DIAL WORK

Special Version for Cylindrical Bore Gauge.

Brand : SYLVAC (Swiss made) 


  • Adaptive analog display (up to 0.2 μm per segment)

  • Special version for cylindrical bore gauges

  • Introduction of the Preset value on the saved Min value

  • Quick mesaure of the reversal point

  • Robust construction

  • Water and coolant resistant

  • Bluetooth® Technology

  • New technology with configurable menus

  • Broad choice of functions

  • Automatic wake-up and sleeping mode (Absolute System SIS)

  • Maximum error of 3 μm

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