Vertical Dial Gauge S_Dial S233 I range 5/0.01 mm.


"SYLVAC" (Swiss Made) Vertical Digital indicators I S_Dial S233 I Range 5 mm., Resolution 0.01 mm. I Output Proximity I Execution Standard.


Brand : SYLVAC


Digital IndicatorsS_DIAL S233

Brand : SYLVAC (Swiss made) 

Order No.  905.4140.10


  • Measuring range 5 mm.

  • Resolution 0.01 mm.

  • Compact, small diameter (Ø44 mm)

  • Water and coolant resistant, protection rating IP65 according to IEC 60529

  • Data output RS 232 combined with external power supply.

  • Interchangeable contact point M2.5

  • Clamping stem Ø 8-h6 of hardened and ground stainless steel. Dovetail back

  • Automatic power shut down

Order No.905.4140.10
Measuring range5 mm.
Resolution0.01 mm.
Display 90° 
Max. Error fe10 μm
Repeatability2 μm
Measuring force0.50 - 0.65 N
S_Connect : PowerUSB / RS232 
Selection of measuring direction 
Zero setting 
Presetmax 130 mm
REL and ABS measurement 
Selection of measuring direction 
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