SCAN S25T - Optical Measurement


Range Ø26mm / L200mm, The ultimate measuring solution for cylindrical parts !

Brand : SYLVAC


SYLVAC (Swiss made)

The ultimate measuring solution for cylindrical parts !

Discover our brand new optical machine SCAN S25T incorporating the latest technology and our easy to use Reflex-Scan+ software. Now with a touchpad, including our renowned patented Reflex-Click technology, for one click measurement of cylindrical parts without preprogramming.

  • Vertical optical measuring machine for static and dynamic measurement of various elements on small cylindrical parts.
  • The parts can be mounted between two centres or held in place using various accessories.
  • Attractive design and robust construction with many new features:
    • New touch screen control panel for easy operation directly at the workplace,
    • Bi-telecentric optical system,
    • High resolution CMOS camera,
    • Precision sliding headstock with integrated and protected daily standard,
    • Quick and easy accessory changing system,
    • Integrated temperature sensors,
    • Dynamic LED indicator of the general status of the measured part (GO/NG) and operator messages.
    • Equipped with an exclusive optics tilting system.
  • Machines specially designed to measure threads such as, parallel, trapezoidal, conical, round, square, conical, worms, ball screws, bone screws, dental implants, etc.
  • Reflex SCAN+ concept for measuring parts without prior programming at the touch of a button
  • Delivered complete with a PC and the Reflex SCAN+ software, which allows a multitude of elements to be measured easily and intuitively.
  • The machine is delivered fully equipped «Automation Ready» as standard.



Sylvac SCAN S25Sylvac SCAN S25T
Measuring range (mm)2620026200
Resolution (mm.)0.00010.00010.00010.0001
Max. error (μm)0.9 +D[mm]/100) μm(2.5 +D[mm]/200) μm0.9 +D[mm]/100) μm(2.5 +D[mm]/200) μm
Repeatability 2δ μm0.
Holding capacity mm5120051200
Tilt axis °-30°
HeadstockHigh precision rotary
Max. weigth of part2 kg
Machine’s weight60 kg


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