Microgenius - Gold large version and dual optic for “real-time” automatic measurement



For “real-time” automatic measurement

Standard supply composed of :

  • High precision bi-telecentric Lens Ø 200 mm
  • Telecentric Condenser with LED lighting

1st optic:

  • 5 Mpixel CMOS Camera with 1 / 2.5” sensor
  • Measuring field 93.3 x 70 mm

2nd optic:

  • 5 Mpixel CMOS Camera with 1/ 2,5” sensor
  • Measuring field 23,3x17,5 mm


  • Motorized focusing with 100 mm stroke
  • Wide positioning table
  • Sturdy metal sheet frame
  • Windows 7 or 8.1 64-bit PC complete with SW for the immediate detection of the pieces under test as per the following features :
    - Easy use
    - Dynamic and user-friendly interface
    - “Real-time” detection of the position and orientation of the pieces haphazard put onto the screen
    - Fully integrated with the unit operating system (lighting selection, focusing position, management logic)
    - Direct recognizing of single pieces by a live image or .dxf file in simple and intuitive way
    - Execution of sever analyses of the single piece and putting in relation among them (different faces of the single object)
    - Partialization and recognition of single parts of the pieces under measure
    - Automatic generation of objects (lines, arches, circles) by importation from .dxf files to execute an analysis between theoretical and real geometries
    - Possibility of insertion of values of tolerance of single dimensions
    - Contemporary measurement of several pieces
    - Direct creation of .dxf file (list of segments)
    - Comparison of pieces or parts of same with.dxf file and detection of eventual anomalies
    - Creation of statistic reports of the detected measures and “real-time” visualization on the piece image
    - Creation of different reports with the possibility of data saving in Excel format
    - Simple and easy-of-use calibration software; control of the perpendicularity and visualization of focusing
  • single-phase supply 220V, 50/60 Hz
  • outline dimensions(WxDxH) :  65 x 56 x 200  cm.
  • Net weight: abt. 127 kg


  • Option A : 5 Mpixel Camera Cmos 2/3” sensor
  • Option B : 6 Mpixel Camera Cmos 1 / 1.18” sensor
  • Standard Glass Scale
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