PRINCE335 - Handheld 3D Scanner


PRINCE 3D scanner with two different working modes. It makes full use of high adaptability of Red laser and ultra-detail capture of blue laser, truly perform a perfect combination of easy operation and high detail.



PRINCE 335 - Handheld 3D Scanner

High - efficiency and ultra - high detail are unique advantages of the PRINCE 3D scanner.

Benefiting from red and blue laser working mode, PRINCE 3D laser scanner is easy to scan large planes even small coins. It reaches 265,000 measurements/s under red laser scan mode and 0.020 mm resolution to capture tiny details with blue laser scan mode.


This 3D scanner can be widely used to industrial design, reverse engineering, quality control, quality inspection, culture relic 3D digitalization, 3D film, 3D game, VR/AR, etc.

Video PRINCE 3D scanner


Two Laser Sources in One Scanner
Red and blue laser working modes could rapidly switch according to speed and detail requirement.

Extreme Detail
Resolution is up to 0.020 mm; greatly improve detail performance..

Real-time Visualization
Rapidly to obtain 3D data such as deep hole and inaccessible places of complex object.

---- Tech Specs ----

ModeStandard mode RHyperfine mode B
Weight0.95 kg
315 x 165 x 105 mm
Laser source3 red laser crosses
(+1 extra red laser)
5 blue parallel laser lines
Deep hole scanningSupport
Hyperfine scanningSupport
Measurement rate265,000 measurements/s320,000 measurements/s
Camera frame rate60 fps120 fps
Laser classCLASS Ⅱ (eye-safe)
Resolution0.050 mm0.020 mm
Accuracy0.030 mm
Volumetric accuracy
(without extra device)
0.020 mm + 0.08 mm/m0.01 mm + 0.08 mm/m
Volumetric accuracy
(with MSCAN)
0.020 mm + 0.025 mm/m0.010 mm + 0.025 mm/m
Stand-off distance300 mm150 mm
Depth of field250 mm100 mm
Scanning area225 mm ~ 250mm200 mm ~ 200mm
Output formats.ply、.xyz、.dae、.fbx、.ma、.obj、.asc、.stl or customized
Operating temperature range-10 ~ 40℃
Interface modeGigabit Lan


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