H2M50 - Internal Caliper Gauge (Mechanical) 50-100 mm


"KROEPLIN" (Made in Germany)Internal comparison measurement I Range 50-100 mm. & Depth 85 mm. Ball Ø 1 mm



H2M50 - Internal caliper gauge

Brand : KROEPLIN (Made in Germany)


Mechanical internal measuring gauge

Internal comparison measurement

- Measuring range Meb: 50 – 100mm

- Numerical interval Zw: 0,01 mm

- Measuring depth L max.: 85 mm


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Additional information - caliper gauge

Display mm / inch
ApplicationInternal comparison measurement
Measuring span Mes20 mm
Measuring range Meb
50 – 100 mm
Range of indication Azb49,5 – 100,5 mm
Numerical interval Zw0,01 mm
Max. permissible errors G0,03 mm
Repeatability limit r0,1 mm
Measuring force F min.1,1 N
Measuring force F max.
Type of measuring contact movableHM-Ball Ø 1 mm
Measuring contact movable Hb12 mm
Type of measuring contact fixedHM-Ball Ø 1 inch
Measuring contact fixed Hfvariable
Measuring depth max. L85 mm
Weight220 g
Protection classIP67
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