Big Calipers ARGO IP67


Sliding gauge in carbon fiber


Jaw depth

Brand : DEMM


Big Calipers ARGO IP67

Brand : DEMM (ITALY made )

Sliding gauge on carbon fiber
Calibro a corsoio in fbra di carbonio

  • Sliding gauge in carbon fber
  • Contacts of the jaws tin coated
  • Clamping screw
  • Electronic IP67 with big numbers
  • Push/pull presser
  • Calibro a corsoio con asta in fibra di carbonio
  • Becche ricoperte Tin
  • Bloccaggio a vite
  • Elettronica IP67 grandi numeri
  • Pressore a molla tiro/spinta

ARGO IP67 800/15080010502001251500.10.04006171,650
ARGO IP67 800/20080010502501602000.10.04006181,780
ARGO IP67 1000/150100012502001251500.10.04003121,850
ARGO IP67 1000/200100012502501602000.10.04003131,980
ARGO IP67 1500/150150017502001251500.10.05003142,200
ARGO IP67 1500/200150017502501602000.10.05003152,330
ARGO IP67 2000/150200022502001251500.10.06003162,600
ARGO IP67 2000/200200022502501602000.10.06003172,730

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