Automatic Charpy Impact Testing Machine JB-WE Series


With the rapid development of material technology, to meet the requirement for high efficiency material testing, TIME JB-WE Series with full automatic control and high safety was born to meet this trend.


Automatic Charpy Impact Testing Machine JB-WE Series


Product Feature :

  • Japan Panasonic PLC control. RS-232 Port data transmission.
  • Auto feeding & specimen placing system adopt Japan made pneumatic components for high accuracy locating.
  • Omron (Japan) 3600 wires encoder resolution 0.1°, which is 10 times higher than common dial display impact tester.
  • Double-column structure increased machine stiffness greatly. Finite Element Analysis (FEA) was conducted for the whole frame. Pedestal of mainframe and upright stand are integrally cast, which ensures good rigidity and improves the stability of test. Double-column structure with reasonable radial loading distribution of bearing decreased the energy loss caused by the friction of bearing largely.
  • Worm & gear and decelerator motor system for pendulum rising. Special double-ring electric-magnet clutch torque can be up to 1000NM.
  • Fully-closed alum protective cover ensures the safety of operator and avoids the splitting of fractured specimen.


Specifications :

Impact energy (J)300J450J750J
Pendulum moment (NM)160.77NM241.1576NM401.93NM 
Impact velocity (m/S)
Pendulum Rising Angle °150150150
Distance between Axis of Pendulum Shaft and Striking Center (mm)750
Anvil span (mm)40
Anvil radius circular Arc radius (mm)1-1.5
Impact knife radius of curvature (mm)2-2.5
Impact knife angle °30
Impact knife width (mm)16
Min. resolution of indicator (J)0.1
Control systemPLC Control
Display modeTouch screen, Computer, Dial (Optional)
Specimen size55x10x10mm
Pendulum weight300J450J750J(with weight)
Machine weight (kg)1000
Outer dimension (mm)2100x835x2100
Main power 50HZ, 380V, 550W
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