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Digital indicator S_Dial PRO Smart


Broad choice of functions (MIN/MAX/DELTA, TOL, Facteur, PRESET, AUTO OFF, etc.)

Brand : SYLVAC


Digital indicator S_Dial PRO Smart

Brand : SYLVAC (swiss made )

  • Robust digital comparator with Ø 59.5 mm housing rotatable by 270°.
  • Large display resolution 0.0001 mm (0.1 µm) with tolerance status indication by colour LEDs.
  • High accuracy over the entire measuring range thanks to an electronically corrected scale system with reference marks.
  • Measuring error less than 1.2 µm over 50 mm.
  • Three buttons, including the central button with selectable favourite function.
  • Wide range of functions, including MIN/MAX/DELTA.
  • Bluetooth®, Proximity» and «Power» data outputs allowing the instrument to be used without batteries when connected by this cable.
  • Available with a fixing diameter of 8 mm and 25 mm for some models.
  • Measuring range of your choice: 25, 50 and 100 mm.
  • Available in standard pressure or low-pressure version without return spring for vertical use.
  • Protection class IP51


Technical Specifications

Measuring range       mm2550100
Resolution                  mm0.0001
Max. Error fe               µm1.01.21.8
Repeatability             µm0.2
Output dataUSB / RS232 / Bluetooth® wireless technology*
Programmable by PC
Clampingø8 h6ø25 g7ø8 h6

Measuring force           N0.75 - 1.00 0.300.85 - 1.2 0.40 0.85 - 1.20.400.90 - 1.30
IP ratingIP51
Standard functions
(customizable by PC)
mm/inch, ref I/II, preset (max 99.9999)
min/max/delta, tolerances, resolution, measuring direction, multiplier,
automatic extinction/manual, keylock


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