Granite Surface Plates


Brand : CHOTEN


Granite Surface Plates
Brand : CHOTEN
A crystallin rock, has a fine grained, nonporous texture. It is crystallin throughout and the composition is hard and compact. Granite does not have the soft in-between spaces and has therefore a much higher wear resistance plus a higher degree of flatness accuracy.

The material strength of Surface Plate is three times greater than that of ordinary granite and is super rigid. This Surface Plate has a very low expansion coefficient (5 x 10-6 meter per degree), which makes it least responsive to temperature changes.

100 per cent corrosion-proof and acid resistant. Non-magnetic and easy to clean. No oiling required which is mandatory on cast iron surface plate and with non-glaring satin finish.

These plates are inspected through Electronic level Processing System of M/s. Wyler, Switzerland, to ensure the accuracy and flatness.

Plates are supplied with a calibration certificate traceable to National Standards showing graphic display of the fastness. The plates are manufactured by high precision lapping method providing 450 champering at edges & corners to avoid chip off and cracks.


LengthWidthThicknessAccuracy as per
IS-7327-1991 Grade ‘0’
Approx. Weight in Kgs.
400 mm400 mm60 mm4.5 um30
630 mm400 mm80 mm5.0 um65
630 mm630 mm80 mm5.0 um100
1000 mm630 mm150 mm6.0 um295
1000 mm1000 mm150 mm7.0 um470
1600 mm1000 mm200 mm8.0 um1000
2000 mm1000 mm200 mm9.5 um1300

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