Comparison calipers DIGI BASCOM


Caliper for inside/outside measurement

Measuring Range

Brand : DEMM


Comparison calipers MINI PLATON
Brand : DEMM (ITALY made )

Caliper for inside/outside measurement
Calibro a comparazione interno/esterno

  • Caliper for inside/outside measurement with dial gauge
  • Lightweight caliper, in hardened stainless steel
  • Easy to operate
  • Interchangeable rods for inside grooves
  • Supplied with dial gauge 0,01 g 40 mm and couple of interchangeable rods article TS 3
  • Calibro a comparazione interno/esterno
  • Corpo lega leggera, asta acciaio inox tempre
  • Di facile utilizzo
  • Puntali intercambiabili per gole e fletti
  • Di serie comparatore 0,01 o 40 mm e coppia terminali intercambiabili articolo TS 3

ArticleRangeABBar SectionResolutionAccuracyCodeKg
DIGI BASCOM 200/6020-2003255518 X40.010,02110620,600
0 -1383256218 X40.010,02

ArticleRangeABBar SectionResolutionAccuracyCodeKg
DIGI BASCOM 300/80I 24-3004357522x50.010,021108311085
E 0- 2304358022x50.010,02
DIGI BASCOM 500/80I 24-5006357522x50.010,02110851,150
E 0-4306358022x50.010,02




Digi Bascom Applications



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