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Contour & Roughness Measurement LC-10


Resolution in X and Z axis : 0,02 μm Resolution at stylus tip : 0,03 μm Measuring range vertical (Z axis) : 225 mm Measuring range horizontal (X axis) : 225 mm Accuracy : +/- (1,5 + L/100)μm



Simply affordable - the perfect introduction to contour measurement technology
The optacom LC-10 represents the perfect entry model. Especially in cases where the entire scope of service of a modern universal measuring machine is needed, the optacom LC-10 is – compared to the high precision of a VC-10 – the most suitable product.
It covers the measuring range and features the technical refinements of our all-round machine VC-10, thus provides an outstanding measuring accuracy. Therefore, the LC-10 combines in a single housing a perfect measurement quality and an attractive price.
The LC-10 is a real optacom measuring machine in every detail. It uses a high-precision linear axis with an integrated drive and wear-free, linear incremental system.
Its body is made of high-strength aircraft aluminium. The operation and the software modules used are identical to those found in other optacom measuring machines.

However, the LC-10 cannot be extended to a universal measuring machine with the optional rotary-swivel table.

The entry-level system for the entire variety of contour measuring tasks
Contour and roughness in one single measurement with the optional roughness module
Very good resolution of 30 nm directly at the stylus tip
Y-table optional
Body made of high-strength aircraft aluminium
Axis guide and head integrally made from one workpiece
X axis permanently and absolutely backlash free connected to the Z axis
Contactless and absolutely wear-free linear-incremental measuring system
Machine calibration (including stylus tip calibration) in less than 3 minutes
Quick stylus tip replacement with optacom quick-release fastener. No tools required and no accuracy loss
High-precision linear axes with integrated drive


Resolution in X and Z axis :  0,02 μm
Resolution at stylus tip :  0,03 μm
Measuring range vertical (Z axis) :  225 mm
Measuring range horizontal (X axis) :  225 mm
Measurement system :  optical incremental and contactless in all axis (X, Z, T)
Accuracy :  +/- (1,5 + L/100)μm
Maximum measuring force :  10 – 150 mN
Measuring speed :  0,1 – 2 mm/sek (automatisch optimiert)
Radius of the stylus tip :  0,002 – 1 mm
Measurable gradients :  78° upwards; 87° downwards
Dimensions (W x D x H) :  950 x 490 x 760 mm
Weight :  150 kg

 Measurement Philosophy :


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